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Cat Face Paint Designs and Tiger Painting Ideas

Tiger Face Painting Design


When you are looking for cute cat face paint designs and tiger painting ideas, you will come across many styles and shapes that you can choose from. Cat painting is a fun idea both for kids and children, and also for adults.

Cat is a sign of a playful and a bit naughty animal that goes perfect with many occasions - from birthday parties to Christmas or even Halloween. Tiger is also the sign of power and strength that is perfect if your kid is the assertive type that likes to be taken more seriously among his/her friends.

So where can you find your favorite fun cat and tiger face painting idea and design? You can simply check out the free photo gallery below with some interesting themes and colors you can choose from.

If you like any of the pictures, simply click on it to see a larger version. You are welcome to save or print any of these photos to use them while designing the painting on the face. Enjoy!

Cat Face PaintingCat Face Painting KidsTiger Face PaintingCat Face Paint for Kids

Tiger Face Painting for AdultsBoy Tiger Face PaintingGirl Tiger Face PaintCute Tiger Face Painting

Enjoyed looking at the design ideas above? Whether you are looking for something for a birthday, Halloween, a school party, or more, it is always helpful to see more sample designs to choose from.

Then you can also see even more fun creative cat and tiger themes by checking out the helpful articles below...

Cat Face Painting Design


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