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Pirate Face Painting and Monster Face Paint

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When it comes to pirate face painting, that's the favorite face design for many young little boys and kids in Halloween or even birthday costume parties. There is something brave and strong about a pirate that little boys like. It makes them feel strong and like a real man.

So if you're planning a party for your kids and your son shows interest to dress like a pirate, you can help him get the complete look by painting his face like a real pirate. It will make a fun memorable memory that he will enjoy remembering and seeing the photos later.

So is it easy to draw a pirate face? The good news is yes. When you choose your desired design idea, all you need to do is draw the basic foundation and then use the necessary colors to bring it to life.

A pirate design has some typical factors: the eye patch which is consisted of black paint around one eye, a long twisted moustache, some beard spots to show an unclean shave, and usually a head band around the forehead.

As you can see in some of the example pictures in the photo gallery below, you can simply choose how you'd like your little pirate to look like...

Pirate Face PaintingPirate Face Painting for BoysPirate Face Painting for KidsChildren Pirate Face Paint

You can click on each photo to view a larger size in a new window. So it helps you see everything in more clear details.

Some other fun additional ideas you can add to your face designs can be a fake scar. Since pirates have fought in many battles, show a facial scar is a good proof of how brave they are (your little boy will love it!)

So have fun drawing your pirate face painting for your kids party!

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