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Puppy Face Painting and Dog Face Paint

Puppy Face Painting Design


As you may already know, both boys and girls love puppy face painting designs. It is a very kid-friendly idea for children costume parties. Since there are tens of different dog breeds, that means you have so many various fun puppy design ideas to choose from for your kids.

Whether you like a beagle, poodle, labrador, or even a yorkshire terrier, you can simply paint it on the face. All you need is a basic design to copy from, and then you can easily start from the basic step by step instructions and soon have your puppy face ready.

Puppies especially look great on smaller children, because it gives them the extra cute look their innocent face already presents. You can also ask your son or daughter what his favorite type of dog is, so you can make that specific design on his/her face.

Here is a free photo gallery of some fun creative puppy face paint designs that you can choose from. Feel free to click on those you like the most, and you can see a bigger picture in a new window...

Puppy Face PaintingPuppy Face Painting GirlsPuppy Face Painting KidsFunny Puppy Face Paint

Cute Puppy Face PaintingPuppy Kids Face PaintPuppy Face Paint FatDog Face Painting

Cute Dog Face PaintingDog Face Painting Kids

Whichever dog design you choose, there are some basic steps to paint it on the face. For example the first one is usually painting the whole face with the base color. In most cases it can be white, since many dogs have a white face.

Then you can proceed to drawing the nose which is usually black and looks flat (as seen in the sample pictures above). The next step is drawing the lips and the tongue sticking out (like most happy dogs and puppies do).

Just remember this safety tip: Make sure you use skin-safe paint colors. Because especially for children, their skin is very sensitive and can develop an allergic reaction or rash if the paint used is not suitable to remain on the face.

Also you may want to avoid drawing too close to the eyes. Because if your child accidentally rubs his/her eyes, the paint may get inside the eyes and cause irritation. So good luck with painting your favorite puppy face design!

Dog Face Painting Design


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