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Skull Face Painting and Skeleton Face Paint

Skull Face Painting Design


Are you looking for scary weird skull face painting ideas for a skeleton face design? If Halloween is around the corner or you simply wish to get that unique extra scary look for a costume party, choosing a skull painting design might be a great idea.

There are various styles and themes when drawing a skeleton painting. Some are more neutral and simply looking like a normal human skull, while some others are especially designed to look scary and intimidating, with blood coming out of the eyes and things like that.

So which type of design are you aiming for? Do you like it to give you a plain simply look, or are you looking for something with a hint of horror in it?

You can check out the photo gallery below for some creative ideas. It helps you get a general idea easily about what kind of look you find more interesting...

Skeleton Face Painting KidsSkull Face PaintSkeleton Face Painting TeensHalloween Skull Face Painting

Monster Skull Face PaintSkull Face Paint for GirlsHalloween Pirate Face PaintHalloween Vampire Face Painting

As you can see above, you can choose from different types of skull look - from monster, vampire, pirate, alien skeleton, or even a smiling happy skull face. It all depends on the style that you like the most.

So after you have chosen the ultimate face design you'd like to have, it is time to choose the right face painting brush and instructions to bring you that perfect scary look. Actually drawing a skull is one of the easiest designs because it has fewer range of colors comparing to some other drawings like a butterfly for example.

So it is relatively easy to apply your idea simply using a black and white paint ink. The most important part of the skeleton face painting is around the eyes and the mouth area. That is how your design will differentiate from any other style - like a monster for example.

You simply can first make the lips area totally white and pale, and then draw some teeth with a thin brush. Here you go! Now you have painted the mouth for a dead skeleton.

Next comes the eye area. As you know, the skull has big dark holes instead of the eyes. So you can easily emphasize that by painting a large big black circle around the eyes. It should be totally round and dark. As you can see in some of the sample pictures above, that gives the perfect look for your skeleton eyes. Good luck with your Halloween costume party!

Skeleton Face Painting Design


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